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The best coworking resources online

October 25th, 2010 by matt No Responses

coworkbloggrabAlthough connectivity and being online is a key aspect of any well-equipped coworking space, we rarely discuss the presence of the wider coworking community online.  That reason alone seemed good enough to dedicate this post to the best coworking resources online (as well as our own humble blog, of course) in order to give an informed idea of the best web-based places for ideas, inspiration and information.

Coworking Wiki

The first port of call for anyone looking for coworking information – the Coworking Wiki is subsequently very popular among those associated with the industry.  There are links here to many key resources ranging from – for example – software solutions, a blog directory and information on green coworking.  Naturally, the wiki invites users to submit and edit content – and the inclusive Coworking Space Directory is a fantastic country by country resource of spaces around the world.

Social Sites

Coworking Google group: Set up by those behind the above wiki, this Google groups is a good place for spaces and those who run them to communicate and to discuss the issues of the day.  Topics and threads can be read by non-members – and there is a nice balance of input from individuals in a range of countries.

Twitter and YouTube:  Perhaps unexpectedly, social networking sites are awash with coworking information and comment but Twitter and YouTube seem to dominate.  Many spaces (including ourselves) have a Twitter account and a quick search of the #coworking hashtag reveal a steady turnaround of links and updates.  YouTube is also handy, not only for basic coworking information, but also for finding video ‘walkabouts’ of specific spaces.

Key Blogs

Coworking Community Blog: This tidy Wordpress blog offers great posts, videos and an interactive Google Map showing spaces across the globe.

Global Coworking Blog: Frequently updated and chock full of content, the Global Coworking Blog accepts submissions from guest authors and features articles on topics ranging from scientific studies to non-work benefits of coworking.

Coworking Space: A clean Blogspot offering posts and links under a number of handy sub headings such as: Coworking Guide, Coworking Press and Coworking Space (which includes a slideshow).

Ideas and insight

Coworking Catalyst Guide: A huge Google Doc full of information for prospective coworking office start-ups including Q&As, tips and important contacts.

This Ain’t No Disco and Office Snapshots:  A couple of really nice photo-led sites with a keen focus on office design inside and out.  For those with an interest in forward thinking and really efficient coworking spaces (and perhaps looking for some ideas), the content here is about as good as it gets.

Lifehacker and GigaOM: Although not exclusively coworking-orientated, Lifehacker and GigaOM (and no doubt numerous others) are really useful for practical solutions, and more general articles when it comes to the subject of coworking – especially for home-based co-workers and those new to the scene.

Feel free to add any more online coworking resources in the comments.

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