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Introducing the latest addition to the Lemon community: Kukunu

August 26th, 2010 by matt No Responses

kukunuWe are always pleased to welcome a new addition to the community here at Lemon Studios, and if a new expansion ties in with the launch of a new product or site the arrival is even more exciting.  So, let us welcome Kukunu, a fresh and clever new start-up.  And let’s take a look at what they are doing.

In a nutshell, Kukunu is a holiday-planning assistant online.  By integrating social media technology with information on more than 300,000 hotel and activity options worldwide, as well as functional mapping, calendar and other planning tools – all your destination plans, trip ideas, costs, important times and notes etc are in the same place, and accessible from anywhere.

Inspired by their mutual love for travel and the web, Gerald Goldstein and Itamar Lesuisse became tired of seeing their loved ones planning holidays and vacations on napkins, scraps of paper and in other unsuitable places which became lost and unusable over time.  So by transferring their skills from working in the field of financial websites and e-commerce respectively, they envisioned a way for a potentially frustrating and complex task to be moved online in an effort to make the entire process that little bit easier.

Becoming a ‘Kukunaut’ is simple.  After a free signup process you are able to start sharing holiday ideas and exploring recommendations from trusted sources such as tripadvisor.co.uk, even before you start looking at your calendar, maps and making use of the service’s Faceboook and Twitter integration.  Yet, perhaps the most intriguing development (and something that we really like to see at Lemon Studios) is the sense of community the site promotes.

After just a month since Kukunu launched, they have seen over 4000 users join, and a hardcore group have already returned to plan their next vacation.  The site is testament to the importance of integrating a community spirit, social media, business expertise and easy functional tools, seamlessly to make a really usable site – and we look forward to seeing the venture grow.

For more information on Kukunu watch the video and follow them on Twitter.

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