Lemon Studios is giving away an iPad

May 11th, 2010 by matt No Responses

Just like every other tech fanatic out there, we can’t wait to get ourselves an Apple iPad.  So Lemon Studios has done what every self-respecting business would do and gone and pre-ordered ourselves an iPad.  However, we’re going to do something a bit crazy with our iPad, we’re going to give it away to someone next month.

As Lemon Studios has just doubled in size by taking on more space in our building, we’re looking for new companies to join our digital community here in Clerkenwell.  And if anyone helps us to find the right people to join our community, we’re going to return the favour and give away an iPad.

So here’s how it works (it’s pretty simple):

  • You recommend Lemon Studios to your friends and colleagues who work in tech, media, creative, digital marketing industries and tell them about the new floor that we have.
  • You tell us that you’ve recommended someone and we’ll log it in our little black book of Ipad winners
  • Come end of June, we see who as an individual is responsible for the most new signed up tenants at Lemon Studios and we give our iPad to the lucky (but well deserved) individual.

Come on, you know you want an iPad ;) It could be yours by simply firing off a few emails, spreading the word on a social network, or simply slipping Lemon Studios into your conversations down the pub!

Get in touch with Jodie if you want to win an iPad next month!

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